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The Practical Aspects of Aluminium Melt Cleanliness

Dienstag (08.06.2021)
16:30 - 17:00 Uhr

16:30 - 17:00 Uhr

The area of aluminium melt cleanliness has received much attention for some decades now and correspondingly been addressed in many publications. The reason being that costs associated with impurities are considerable, sometimes even astronomical; the impurities can cause problems both during the processing of sheet ingot or extrusion billet and in the final product. Not only do casting operations have ongoing issues in this area, but also the product demands are getting ever tighter. A previously capable process then becomes inadequate in consistently meeting product requirements. Knowhow and technology has improved vastly over the decades, yet metal quality problems remain. Sometimes it may be a case of a casthouse having technology that requires updating, but often it is also the practical aspects of defining and running the process that are at fault. This paper concentrates on this operational aspect of tackling metal cleanliness, so that with the right technology, considerations are made to run the process optimally. The measures described are by no means exhaustive and based partly on the author’s experience, but the main point is to emphasise that acquiring new technology is not always the answer; albeit at times if it is unavoidable. One must address certain fundamentals to define process parameters and run the process optimally.

Nicholas Towsey
TRIMET Aluminium SE